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My Myers-Briggs type is WTNV.

Night Valestuck: An East Wind (pt 18, pt 2)

{Part 18, Part 3} / {Part 1}  (Thanks again to vanishedSchism, who edited/wrote a lot of Karkat’s part in this, since she’s the expert.)

Dave and Karkat walked down the hall to Station Management’s office in tense silence, keeping nearly the hall’s width between them. Karkat couldn’t see what could possibly be so bad about Station Management – Kevin seemed to have a pretty good relationship with them back at DBCR – but he’d be damned if he was about to break the silence to ask. For all he knew, this was another one of Dave’s stupid ironic games, and he was not going to give Dave the satisfaction of winning. 

If Dave wasn’t the smooth motherfucker that he was, he’d be trembling so hard he’d drill a hole in the floor. Even Cecil was terrified of Station Management, and this was the guy who would walk into a room full of chimeric velociraptor-sharks and comment on how well-polished their teeth were. It was only as they neared the door at the end of the end of the very long hallway (Dave was certain it had not been this long before, because he was certain that the building itself was not this long), that he became aware of Karkat’s presence again. He glanced over at his friend without turning his head or slowing his pace. 

DAVE: I’m really glad to see you.

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For Matthew Swift, today is not like any other day. It is the day on which nothing happens and he finally gets to relax and sit down to some curry and a nice hot cuppa. 

Night Valestuck: An East Wind (pt. 18, pt. 1)

{Part 18, Part 2} / {Part 1} (Part 1 of the finale! I’ve changed the narrative style a bit (a.k.a. there’s narration) in part because it was getting a bit ridiculous — one to keep coming up with excuses for things to be recorded, and two to keep finding excuses for the characters to declare everything aloud — and in part to make for smoother transition into vanishedSchism’s Strexstuck fic, which will run parallel to/intertwine with mine and likely continue the Night Valestuck ‘verse after my fic ends in the near future. vanishedSchism wrote/edited a lot of Karkat’s part in this.)

CECIL: Listeners, there is…nothing happening in Night Vale.

Cecil sat back in his chair and let out a quiet breath. It wasn’t even as if nothing was happening in the absolute sense. That at least would have been interesting. But instead, there was simply nothing of note going on. Not only was the lack of events concerning, it gave him very little to work with. He was seriously considering handing the microphone over to Dave and just letting him ad lib. Or even rap. Anything, really. 

CECIL: Oh Dave, could you come in here for a minute?

The door to the studio slammed open as a short teenage boy with grey skin, wild black hair and horns that looked suspiciously like two pieces of oversized candy corn burst in. 



Cecil would have liked for the record to show that he had only nearly fallen out of his chair, but that would have been slightly less than the truth. 

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Night Valestuck (pt. 17): Perfect

{Part 18} / {Part 1} 

CECIL: So Run. Run fast. And do not, under any circumstances, look back. Doing so will only make you realize how futile running really is. 

And now, a word from our sponsor.

Endless asphalt stretches out before you, branching into roads. Some lead into infinite circles, or Möbius loops, inescapable. Some double back or veer away into regret thick with mistakes and missed opportunities, and ultimately, complete surrender. A select few lead upwards into the unseen, and therefore, unknown. Many lead downwards, and as these are the paths of least resistance, you find yourself traveling down one such road before you even know it. You do not remember choosing this path, but it had been so easy, that perhaps you had never made the decision in the first place. Perhaps this was simply meant to be. It is, after all, so easy. 

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Drew intern Dave. Crappily. But he’d probably like that. 

From my Night Valestuck fic, The Longest Surviving Intern at Night Vale Community Radio.

Night Valestuck: Dave’s watch
From my Fic, The Longest Surviving Intern at Night Vale Community Radio. (Hint: Dave is the intern. It is him.)

Night Valestuck: Dave’s watch

From my Fic, The Longest Surviving Intern at Night Vale Community Radio. (Hint: Dave is the intern. It is him.)

Night Valestuck (pt. 16): Night Vale: Have a fucking parade.

{Part 17} / {Part 1} (This episode vaguely sets up an interlacing story line with Strexstuck by vanisedSchism, though that fic isn’t quite caught up to mine yet. But you should follow Strexstuck as well if you want the full story – and it will probably continue Night Valestuck after my fic ends.)

CECIL: Listeners, I am delighted to announce that the City Council took Dave’s…probably sarcastic suggestion yesterday to heart, and have planned a parade to celebrate our liberation from our erstwhile corporate tyrant! It will take place at midnight tonight, and while who – or what – exactly will be marching in the parade remains a mystery, I am sure it will be a blast! Just be sure to bring a wide range of weapons and survival gear so you’ll be well prepared for whatever surprise the City Council has in store for us. 

More details on the parade soon. But first, Carlos has urgently requested that I warn you all of an impending—

- door hinges - 

DAVE: Uh, Mister C.? There’s someone you might want to meet.

KEVIN: You really shouldn’t interrupt the host in the middle of his sho— Oh! It’s you!

CECIL: It’s…you. I’d almost convinced myself that day was a nightmare.

KEVIN: It was all rather dreamlike, wasn’t it? There was a great sense of something…profound, and yet all too fleeting. But if I had known you lived right here in Night Vale I would have made this little excursion sooner to say hello! I felt we shared a deep connection in that space-time vortex, despite not exchanging a word. I bet we have a lot in common. 

DAVE: No shit. 

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Made clock hand earrings. (They’re on the Bible for no reason other than I’m in a BibLit class right now and it makes a nice background.)

Made clock hand earrings. (They’re on the Bible for no reason other than I’m in a BibLit class right now and it makes a nice background.)

Night Valestuck (pt. 15, pt. 3): …From Moving Forward

{Part 16} / {Part 1}

CECIL: Listeners… Listeners. I have never been more proud of Night Vale than I am on this day. Despite our differences – whether that be on the socioeconomic ladder or on the food chain – we came together as a community to fight for our way of life, and to defend one of our own. Intern Dave is currently resting in the break room with Carlos, sleeping off the drugs that were in his system, but he is very much alive and well, thanks to you, Night Vale… Thank you, Night Vale. 

I need not relate these very recent events to most of you, as to most of you they were first-hand experience, but for the few of you for which this is not the case, and for posterity, I will play my part as the narrator and retell this latest chapter in Night Vale’s history. 

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Night Valestuck (pt. 15, pt. 2): …Should Not Stop You…

{Part 15, Part 3} / {Part 1}

CECIL: Dave!  

DAVE: Nghh….god damn…head hurts……can’t move…..oh…strapped to a fucking…gurney……looks like…evil scientists…s’rry Carlos…on the other side of th’ room……must’ve been…drugged…gas maybe….should’ve kept that gas mask on……can’t get a fix on time…it’s gone all…bendy…can’t do the timey wimey thing or I might…fuck shit up….also th’place might be…timeless…and ‘m not talking about the…decor……I hope you’re getting this, M’ssr C…might need…a little…help………..where the fuck is my shirt?

??: [distant] Hey, the kid’s awake.

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Night Valestuck (pt. 15, pt. 1): Regrets…

{Part 15, Part 2} / {Part 1}  (I know there is something wrong in this episode, and it’s on purpose, I promise.)

CECIL: Listeners, I… I have some bad news. 

You all remember those subterranean tunnels beneath Mission Grove Park that intern Violet uncovered as her last earthly act in this life? Well they have been under quarantine for quite a while, so… I… I sent intern D-Dave to investigate yesterday, and… He didn’t come home last night. As a station intern I must assume… *sniff* I must assume that he will not be coming back. I would offer my– my condolences to his f-family, but… I don’t think that would make Carlos and me feel any better. 

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This video is for my Night Valestuck fic on AO3, The Longest Surviving Intern at Night Vale Community Radio. THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS FOR THE FIC IN THE VIDEO. Non-spoilery summary: Dave ends up in Night Vale after SBURB and becomes NVCR’s latest intern. The video is…a little more dramatic than I intended. The fic is more lighthearted.  

Song: Satellite by Rise Against.

Night Valestuck (pt. 14): One Year Later

{Part 15} / {Part 1}

DAVE: …so stop all your clocks and cover all your mirrors if you want the Great Shadow to pass over your home tonight.  

Now for horoscopes. Uh, it says horoscopes here but it’s just a title followed by a vast expanse of blank page. If someone held this page up next to a plot summery of a Nic Cage movie, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Cecil, do you just make these things up every time?

CECIL: No! They just…come to me. From the stars I assume, though I suppose there’s always the possibility that the true source is the void around the stars… 

DAVE: Okay, I’m just gonna make shit up.

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Intern Dave is (after some persuasion) on Twitter!


Follow him @Intern_Dave to hear about the little things going on in Night Vale that don’t always make it into Cecil’s broadcasts. Also for Dave being Dave. (Feed is run by myself and vanishedschism.) 

Supplements my fic, The Longest Surviving Intern at Night Vale Community Radio